Relatively hot conditions forecast for Monday, Tuesday

Nayrouz Agency: Temperatures are expected to be relatively hot on Monday and Tuesday in mountainous regions and plains and hot in the Badia and the rest of the Kingdom with northwesterly moderate to brisk winds, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department(JMD).

At night, moderate conditions will prevail in many regions, while it will be relatively hot in the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley with northwesterly moderate winds.

Daytime temperatures will hover around 34 degrees Celsius in Amman and, dropping at night to 23 degrees, 30 degrees Celsius in the northern cities, sliding to 22 degrees at night and 27 degrees Celsius in the southern parts, dropping to 18 degrees at night. The weather will be hotter in the port city of Aqaba with highs jumping to 42 degrees and lows sliding to 28, the JMD added.
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