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Jake Paul would be the 'easiest sparring session of my life' claims Michael Bisping

Jake Paul would be the easiest sparring session of my life claims Michael Bisping
Nayrouz News Agency :
Former UFC fighter Michael Bisping is the latest fighter to throw his hat into the ring for a clash with Jack Paul.

Paul emerged the victor after a split decision against Tyron Woodley in his fourth professional fight. The 39-year-old Woodley was a former UFC champion and his toughest test yet, and Bisping believes if he met the 24-year-old YouTuber in the ring, it would be ‘the easiest sparring session’ he had ever taken part in.

Paul has been linked with a fight with Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy, who beat Anthony Taylor on points over a four-round fight Sunday’s card in Cleveland.

"I'll be honest I want to jump in there with him after seeing that tonight,” Bisping said, reported The Sun.

"Look at all the hype, people are going crazy for him, you've got to admit it was a pretty enjoyable event and quite the spectacle if I'm honest.

"So yeah, listen I was watching, my God this is easy work. You want to throw some cash at me Jake, I'll do it.

"I'm only joking - but I'm a little bit serious because I'm like, ‘Man this is the easiest sparring session of my life.’

"But Jake's got a ton of options, tons of options. A lot of people would fight him, because he's very beatable."

Bisping also warned Paul off fighting Fury, given the tough time the American had against Woodley.

"He's very beatable. You mentioned there Tommy Fury, I don't even think they'd take that fight,” he claimed.

"They want someone that's big, that's a marquee kind of pay-per-view draw but somebody that's at the end of their career that isn't really going to pose too much of a threat.

"And for that reason, you know damn well they ain't going to call me
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