2021-12-04 - السبت
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The Pakistani Prime Minister thanks His Majesty the King for the book of the historian Armouti on the Kashmir crisis

The Pakistani Prime Minister thanks His Majesty the King for the book of the historian Armouti on the Kashmir crisis
Nayrouz News Agency :

Author of the book: The Kashmir Crisis 
The Unsolved Issue of the Islamic Ummah
His Excellency the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, retired Major General Sajjad Ali Khan.
His Excellency Mr. Taimur Zulfikar, in Chargé d'Affairs at the Pakistani Embassy in Amman/ Deputy Ambassador.
Colonel Khorram Javid, Military Attaché at the Pakistani Embassy.
Dear Highnesses, Excellences and Respected attendees,
Dear honorable guests 
My interest in the Kashmir crisis began about 7 years ago, after I read many articles and researches on this tragedy. After learning about the injustices, oppression, genocide and horrific violations of human rights that the Kashmiri people suffer.
On the other hand, I found that there is a global silence on what is happening in Kashmir.  The sympathetic reactions to the Kashmiri people were content with issuing statements of strong condemnation and denunciation without taking effective and tangible steps. 
And after I discovered that the number of books that have been prepared and written in Pakistan and the Islamic world on the Kashmir crisis is (relatively) few compared to the number of books that were issued from the Indian side and the Western world.  And after I learned that there is great ignorance and lack of knowledge among most people in the Arab world with the truth of what is happening in Kashmir.  I realized that the greatest service that we can provide to the oppressed Kashmiri people is to redouble the media and cultural effort to publicize this problem. therefore, I decided to prepare and write a book in Arabic on the crisis entitled (The Kashmir Crisis - The Unsolved Issue of the Islamic Ummah), so that it would be supported by important, brief and comprehensive information, opinions and analyzes from important and influential personalities.  I supported the book with many photos and maps to facilitate the definition of this tragedy. It depicts the severity of the problem, methods of torture, oppression, human rights violations and the genocide of the Kashmiri people. I traveled to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, and during my stay there, I had the opportunity to meet a number of the most important and influential Pakistani figures, led by the former President of the Republic, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, and to meet with a number of military and media leaders, influential figures from Kashmiri men and women, fighters and displaced people, which made me - and many times- cried out of grief for those who are being tormented in their land for no fault of their own.
I also visited the capital of Free Kashmir (the city of Muzaffarabad) and the demarcation line with India and met with the Pakistani military leaders on the border.  I also met with the displaced in their camps.  I even cried when I interviewed the Kashmiri displaced when they asked and said to me: We hope that Our brothers in the Arab and Islamic countries know about our tragedy and torment.  We, the Kashmiris, ask: Where is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation? - O.I.C - Why don't they support and help us.  Why don't they support their oppressed and crushed brothers and sisters in Kashmir? They know our situation but unfortunately they didn't come to our rescue".
The Muslim people of Kashmir cry out to the conscience of the Islamic nation to save them from the oppression in response to the Almighty's saying, "The believers are brothers".  and the words of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace: "The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim”. This means that we do not leave and abandon the people of Kashmir to injustice.  and that we should be with them in their plight and help them.  so how could we remain silent about the oppression of our brothers in Kashmir and Palestine?
Praise be to God, who guided me to this important historical achievement. This book has become an important reference in the Arabic language on the Kashmir crisis.  It has been printed in two editions so far.  and it has been distributed all over the world.  I was also very pleased about 4 years ago when the former military attaché of the Pakistani embassy in Jordan, Colonel Muhammad Yusuf Malik, told me that during the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, a cordial meeting took place between His Majesty King Abdullah II and the Pakistani Prime Minister, who thanked His Majesty for his stances honor towards Pakistan. He also thanked His Majesty the King for the important achievement this year, with the Jordanian historian Omar Al-Armouti publishing his book on the Kashmir crisis.  
And now, and after India has closed all outlets and solutions by refusing any mediation to resolve the dispute of Kashmir, after it annexed it, and after rejecting all mediations to resolve the conflict, I warn against extremism and the emergence of terrorist movements in that region as a natural result of the state of despair and frustration among Kashmiris… Because of the seriousness of the situation that could lead to an explosion, which may create mass destruction and a threat to regional and international security, I renew the proposal to hold a summit conference of the Kings and heads of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in order to discuss the two now-forgotten crises in the world; the Palestinian issue and the Kashmir crisis. 
In a new development of the dispute in Kashmir, two years ago, on August 5, 2019, India revoked the special legal status of Jammu and Kashmir, by declared that it had become invalid and that it considered it a non-negotiable Indian state and subjected it to federal rule, claiming that it aimed to integrate the entire region and eliminate the rebellion that has been going on for 30 years there.
Unfortunately, the catastrophe that India is suffering from now; that it has been taken over by the party that is ruling it now, which is based on the doctrine of (R.S.S.), which adopt an ideology based on the Nazi Germany ideology, which admires the Nazi leader Hitler and the Nazi white race supremacy. This is what’s happening from the Indian extremist ideology of the R.S.S., whom their hostility is directed against Muslims and Christians who are not considered indigenous to them.
That I, in my capacity as the author of the book (The Kashmir Crisis - The Unsolved Issue of the Islamic Ummah) and as President of the Salon of Literature and Culture in my name and on behalf of the members of my cultural salon of writers and intellectuals, declare our absolute support for the position of the Pakistani government and people in their just dispute in Kashmir. 
We also call on the United Nations to send a fact-finding delegation there, in addition to sending a delegation from the International Court of Justice in The Hague to ascertain the existence of abuses and violations committed against the safe population. The greatest evidence of the justness of Pakistan's position on the Kashmir dispute with India is that Pakistan supports compliance with United Nations resolutions regarding this crisis.
While I see that the biggest evidence that India is an aggressor and is wrong and wrong in the Kashmir dispute because it did not comply with United Nations resolutions and international legitimacy. 
Since among these international resolutions is the call for a free and fair referendum in Kashmir under the supervision of the United Nations in order for the oppressed and oppressed Kashmiri people to obtain the right to self-determination.
In conclusion, I say:
Long live the Jordanian-Pakistani friendship.
Long live Jordan.  and long live Pakistan. 
and I say it in Urdu: 
Arden Zindbad