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7 letters in the Mansoura student crime

7 letters in the Mansoura student crime
Nayrouz News Agency :

Dr.fathy hussein

 I think that the crime of killing a Mansoura Faculty of Arts student in front of the university by a fellow student, who was madly in love with her, as he says, and when she refused him, he killed her in broad daylight and in front of passers-by on the university street, without anyone interfering to save her, rather they were satisfied with filming the crime with a mobile phone, and it was possible  Saving her from murder and slaughter, where the killer slaughtered her in cold blood and cut her neck, after stabbing her several times in her weak body, and despite her help, none of the passers-by, the security men and the police could not intervene to save the girl from death, but the killer who was a Strox drug-drinker and a young woman as  Investigations confirmed that he was not afraid of passers-by and the university police, but that his goal, which he had been planning for a long time, was to kill his girlfriend, who refused to associate with him, and even slaughtered her to take revenge on her, for her refusal.
This horrific incident that made the whole community cry and affected its psyche to a great extent, in addition to destroying the family of the murdered person psychologically and morally, and it gave messages from behind it.

Among the first of these messages: It is the extent of negativity and indifference reached by society in this incident in which no one intervened in order to save the girl from the horrific process of stabbing and just watching and filming with mobile phones and making videos on YouTube!

Second: It is the disappearance of the chivalry and masculinity of the people of the country, which is common in this situation, but this incident did not move anyone’s manliness and chivalry to save a girl who was crying out in the street and in broad daylight before she went to the university exam.

Third: The Egyptian personality itself has undergone changes in recent times, as a result of the spread of modern drugs such as strux and shabu, in addition to powder, opium, banjo and other drugs that destroyed the brains of young people and made them do unnatural things such as slaughtering in the streets and in front of people and statues of corpses, as happened in  This horrific incident with the girl of Mansoura and before her the incident of the slaughter of another man in Ismailia by his friend was slaughtered in the same way and no one intervened to save him!  This indicates the negativity of society, as well as the extreme frustration that it suffers from as a result of the pressures of daily life!

Fourth: It is the role of the security men and police who largely failed to save the girl’s life from being slaughtered by the killer, as is clear in the video spread on social media, and they were not sufficiently trained on how to deal with a murderer student, before he slaughtered the girl from her neck while he was  Smiling at them in front of the mobile cameras deployed in front of him while he was slaughtering!
 It was possible for the girl to live, but what happened was his condemnation of the entire community and all individuals in the Dakahlia Governorate in Mansoura, the owners of shops in front of the university and the university security itself, and the drivers of the minibus and other citizens who were satisfied with watching, and surrendering to the element of surprise, and the helpless silence corresponding to little trick!!

Fifthly: A letter to the clergy and some of those who are affiliated with Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, who issue fatwas without knowledge, and only want to get the shot and trend only and without taking into account the conditions of the girl’s family, the grieving mother and the sad father, and one of them blamed the slaughtered girl, justifying the reason that she was not veiled.  !  There are those who accuse all the girls who are not veiled, and there are those who are called to wear tents and gloves to cover all the head and body, so that harassment does not occur, and other illogical statements aimed only at achieving trends and YouTube ads only at the expense of the values ​​and ethics of society!

Sixth: Legislation must be put in place in the House of Representatives, criminalizing anyone who films a girl or an incident and publishes it on YouTube or social media for the purpose of distortion and achieving trend, as one of the Egyptian news websites did in front of this incident that shook and teared the hearts of all Egyptians, and journalists must be investigated.  Those who portray the girl and write about her negatively and glorify the killer and consider him a hero!  Which I, I, personally mentioned to him in a master’s thesis on the ethics of spreading crime, including showing the criminal as a hero, making others imitate and imitate him, in one way or another in similar situations, but such messages, the results of which remain trapped in university libraries without benefiting  Including, only after disasters occur in our societies!

Seventh: It is the last message in this incident, in which the hero of the murderer took drugs, which prompts the commission of heinous crimes that the mind of a normal human being cannot imagine, such as the incident of the Mansoura student, and others.  At them in one strike, as the state did with the terrorists in Sinai and elsewhere, although there is no big difference between a terrorist and a drug dealer, because both are devastating to society and its stability, and this is a mystery we want to know the answer to, and the state represented in the police and the army can do this and more.
 In any case, these messages should be learned from them, in order to avoid any future mistakes, in order to preserve the precious blood of us, our sons and our pure and pure youth, like the pure and diligent girl of Mansoura, who was diligent in her studies and dreamed of a brilliant future for her in flying.  He makes her dream come true, and even makes her life end at the hands of a damned murderer, without interfering to save her or save himself, the emirate by evil!!
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