2022-08-16 - الثلاثاء

Journalists and National Dialogue:

Journalists and National Dialogue:
Nayrouz News Agency :

By: dr.fathy hussein

 It was natural for the press and freedom of opinion and expression to be at the forefront of the priorities of President Sisi’s call for national dialogue, which began at the breakfast ceremony of the Egyptian family.  Especially for the press family to discuss at the National Dialogue Conference and come up with recommendations that benefit the community and raise its standing among the peoples of the world.. Among these press proposals, the necessity or right of the journalist to obtain information from its sources without hindrance, and whoever refuses to give information is subject to imprisonment or imprisonment and a fine.  With the need to abolish the penalty of imprisonment in publishing cases and to give newspapers a margin of freedom in criticizing officials, with the importance of explicitly stipulating in the constitution that the press is a fourth authority that works alongside the three state authorities, legislative, executive and judicial, with the need to limit the practice of the profession to union members only, while trainees  He works for them their own banners through the Supreme Media Council, if possible, to control those elected to the profession, while prosecuting amateurs and fake press entities that greatly offend the profession, while closing all illegal newspapers and websites or those that have been slow in reconciling their positions in accordance with the new system and the controls established by  The Supreme Media Council, without issuing a permit or license for a newspaper or magazine, whether Egyptian or foreign, without completing its editorial quorum and its board, and it is required that it be a member of the Syndicate of working journalists, preferably from the suspended and idle partisan and private newspapers, in order to eliminate the devastating press unemployment of journalists!
 With the necessity of increasing the pension yen to 65 years and over, as long as there is the ability of the journalist to work and produce, and the importance of increasing the training and technology allowance to 5,000 pounds per month and an annual increase commensurate with the Egyptian and international inflation rates so that journalists feel dignity and a decent living!
 It is also necessary to open the file of social insurance for journalists whose newspapers have been suspended, to pay their debts, and to drop the insurance arrears on unemployed colleagues in the union!
 It is necessary to activate the union's card and give it special privileges for coverage and photography without prior permission in public cases, as well as the necessity of returning the privileges of transportation, transportation and other privileges deprived of the journalist!  The union’s pensioners must be equalized with the technology allowance, even if the journalist has to keep the allowance and continue to receive it alongside the pension when he reaches the legal age after 65 years, as a kind of honor for him.  And other issues that the article does not have the space to mention and we want to raise in the national dialogue called for by the political leadership in the light of the new republic that we hope and will continue to dream about, for us and for future generations after us, so that the Creator preserves Egypt, the dearest of nations.  As the poet said: There is no writer who does not perish and perpetuate eternity as long as his hands have sinned, so do not write anything except what you will be pleased to see on the Day of Resurrection!!
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