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Meet Miss Lebanon Rana Khattar

Meet Miss Lebanon Rana Khattar
Nayrouz News Agency :
Rana Khattar is a Star and International Beauty Queen , her biography is adorned with an array of remarkable achievements . Born in Lebanon , she pursued her education at the esteemed American University . Today , she stands as one of the most influential and successful personalities in the Middle East . Her captivating presence has made her one of the most searched faces on Google , attracting over 25 Million #25M researchers . Regarded as the epitome of Arab beauty , she has garnered a colossal following of more than a Million  #1M devoted fans . 
Beauty Pageants
She held many beauty titles such as " Miss Eyes " ملكة جمال العيون the first beauty title written in arabic in the 21st Century ( 2001 - 2100 ) , " Miss Lure of the East " سحر الشرق that reflect the name of the country Lebanon as the gate of the East , through it , she earn the Cedar of Lebanon with the Shouf Cedar Program and the United Nations , and won the trophy of the Pearl Awards . She is also known as the " Miss Intercontinental ” she held it in the Middle East and " Queen of the Year " Rana has been featured in Elle Magazine , emphasizing her popularity and recognition . Additionally , she achieved the TGT ( Top Global Tweets ) as the " Most Beautiful Woman ” and performing filmography for Hollywood " .
Goodwill Ambassador
She participated and still continues to work with orphan children , and was honored with a Certificate of outstanding performance and lasting contribution in the presence of the internal security forces and judges . Also she wrote the book " Rana Khattar Quotes Images " , in which she donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale to children .
Advocate for women's human rights 
She is a speaker and advocate for women's rights , and she is one of the first personalities to present her success to the image of women , and she rose through electronic and media platforms , carrying the cause of women . Television stations receive her as a role model for women , and she participates in seminars that represent culture, self-development , and the defense of women's rights in the world .
Distinguished Presence 
Rana Khattar’s influence has transcended mere beauty and entertainment , encompassing the realms of politics , culture , and society . Her impact was felt when she shared pictures on Instagram with renowned figures such as the head of the International Interpol , Elias Murr , the legendary Sultan Al Tarab,  and the esteemed Georges Wassouf . She even received recognition from the former Prime Minister of Malaysia , Najib Abdul Razak , further solidifying her status as one of the world’s most distinguished women . Her influential presence extended to Twitter ( X ) , where she became a prominent global figure , catching the attention of the Trendsmap engine . Her tweets garnered attention from notable personalities , including the page of Khair Ajnad al-Ard President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the former Minister of Tourism , Avedis Guidanian , both endorsing her Hollywood album initiative . Notably , even US President Joe Biden’s Twitter ( X ) account acknowledged her .
Rana Khattar’s official capacity led her to participate in a multitude of cultural , tourism , and social activities , further elevating her reputation . She served as a special guest at the opening of Jeans Signature , alongside the esteemed Turkish actor Burak özçivit . Additionally , she attended events hosted by the former Indian Ambassador to Lebanon , Anita Nayar , at the Indian Embassy . Her contributions extended to the J.A.D Youth Against Drugs Foundation , where she joined forces with Judge Mirna Kallas , representing the former Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi , and Major General Fadi Touma , representing the former Director General of the Internal Security Forces , Ibrahim Basbous , as well as the former Mayor of Jbeil and Bridger , General Joseph Roukoz . Rana Khattar also assumed the role of Guest of Honor at the opening of Al®️femo , where she shared the stage with Prime Minister Najib Mikati and esteemed religious figures . Furthermore , she actively serves as a member of various international arbitration committees across local , Arab , and international domains . Her regal presence is evident as she crowns beauty queens in prestigious events , such as Miss AKU University , Miss Top Model International , Miss Intercontinental Morocco , and Miss Lure of The East .
Cinema World Filmography
Her captivating aura even captured the attention of Hollywood and her fame has even reached the illustrious realm of Hollywood , she had the privilege of starring in exclusive documentaries under the title " Hollywood Rana Khattar ” marking their first release in the Middle East . Her remarkable contributions have been acknowledged on numerous occasions . Noteworthy honors include a certificate of appreciation from the President of the Cinema Syndicate for Technicians .
Top Influencer and Blogger Worldwide
Her global reach extends to collaborations with industry giants such as NASA , SpaceX , Amazon , YouTube , Google , Microsoft , LinkedIn , Reddit , BBC , Nike , Louis Vuitton , and Mashable . Her prominence and connections have facilitated interviews and appearances on esteemed global channels like CNN , France 24 , and Alhurra , and she continues to captivate the world with her endeavors . She has secured numerous online titles , including the " Most Beautiful Woman " , " Jewel of the Moroccan Sahara " , and some even refer to her as the " Pearl of the Moroccan South " . She ranked on the list of the " Top Modeling and Art Influencers " on instagram and became the foremost fitness influencer globally , surpassing competitors in terms of online engagement , hashtag popularity , and overall influence . Remarkably , she surpassed renowned personalities like Kim Kardashian , Taylor Swift , Ariana Grande , and Selena Gomez on Instagram , solidifying her position as one of the most influential and celebrated figures worldwide .
Multimedia star 
Rana Khattar’s digital persona has achieved golden status , captivating billions of people around the world . Her online presence encompasses the vast expanse of the World Wide Web , encompassing three distinct networks dedicated to multimedia and diverse forms of art . Garnering unparalleled influence , she introduced a unique persona that set her apart as an innovative influencer and a highly regarded blogger , celebrated for her beauty , talent , and artistry . Rana Khattar’s triumphs extended beyond national borders , permeating the realms of the internet , websites , and newspapers across the globe .
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